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Noodler's Liberty's ElysiumNoodler's Liberty's Elysium bottle

Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium is a deep, rich blue ink that was made by Noodler’s in conjunction with The Goulet Pen Company. It is also exclusively sold at Goulet Pens. As with many Noodler’s inks, there is a bit of history behind the label and the name of the ink. I highly recommend watching Brian Goulet’s video to get a better idea of their thought process in the creation of this ink. This ink is relatively well behaved and I noticed a few interesting things. Although the ink goes down on the paper wet, the dry times are quite fast. In finer nibbed pens, the dry times seem almost instantaneous, and even when the ink pools the dry times are still quite reasonable. I haven’t had any issues with feathering, but I have noticed some very minor bleeding on Rhodia paper with wetter pens. However, I don’t think it would be an issue for most daily writing. After allowing the ink to sit in one of my pens for an extended period of time, I found that the ink can be very difficult to clean out of a pen once it has dried out. I highly recommend cleaning the pen out quickly if you empty it out. Although I personally prefer to use fine nibs, I think the real beauty of this ink isn’t fully realized unless you are writing with a broader line.

Noodler's Liberty's Elysium Label

The label depicts renowned figures in American history.

This ink is also semi-bulletproof and, although the color fades a bit, remains easily legible when exposed to water. There is a moderate amount of shading, and the ink can get to a very dark blue, but not quite black. There is no sheen that I have noticed, and I think this is due to how readily it is absorbed into the paper. Overall, I do like this ink. I think it could be a great choice of blue if you’re looking for some semi-permanent properties in a nice, rich, blue package.

Special thanks to The Goulet Pen Company for sending me this bottle of Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium! Although this ink was provided at no cost, this review contains my 100% honest and unfettered opinion.



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Noodler's Air Corp Blue-BlackNoodler's Air Corp Blue-Black bottle

Noodler’s Air Corp Blue-Black is a very dark blue-black ink that tends to lean towards the black end of things, but the blue that peeks through has a hint of green hue to it. The ink also belongs to the bulletproof line of Noodler’s inks and is very resistant to water. However, I did notice in my water tests that the blue tends to wash away leaving only the black hues of the ink in place. The flow is pretty good with only minor railroading in my Pilot Namiki Falcon if I push the flex. Small amounts of bleeding on Rhodia if you really pool the ink, but otherwise it’s not an issue. Interestingly, on the rare occasion that it does bleed, only the blue color seeps through while the black does not. Overall, I would say that this is a great ink that can be good for daily use as an alternative to a more traditional black, blue, or blue-black ink. The fact that it is also bulletproof definitely gives it an edge on many other blue-black inks on the market if you’re looking for staying power. I definitely recommend it!

Note: I apologize for putting the words “Air Corp” together in my review.


Noodler's Air Corp Blue-Black review


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Noodler’s Apache Sunset

Noodler's Apache Sunset

Noodler’s Apache Sunset (누들러 아파치 썬셋) has become somewhat renowned amongst ink enthusiasts for its remarkably high level of shading. It can go from a light, crisp orange to a deep orange-red color which looks very striking on paper. I love the wonderful shading properties of this well-behaved ink, and I always make sure to have at least one of my pens inked up with it. However, I have found that the shading becomes significantly less prominent with finer nibs. That being said, it is still a great color that has certainly earned its popularity status. Noodler's Apache Sunset Review

Noodler's Ahab Flex

Lamy Safari Fine Jinhao x750 Medium

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