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Noodler's Air Corp Blue-BlackNoodler's Air Corp Blue-Black bottle

Noodler’s Air Corp Blue-Black is a very dark blue-black ink that tends to lean towards the black end of things, but the blue that peeks through has a hint of green hue to it. The ink also belongs to the bulletproof line of Noodler’s inks and is very resistant to water. However, I did notice in my water tests that the blue tends to wash away leaving only the black hues of the ink in place. The flow is pretty good with only minor railroading in my Pilot Namiki Falcon if I push the flex. Small amounts of bleeding on Rhodia if you really pool the ink, but otherwise it’s not an issue. Interestingly, on the rare occasion that it does bleed, only the blue color seeps through while the black does not. Overall, I would say that this is a great ink that can be good for daily use as an alternative to a more traditional black, blue, or blue-black ink. The fact that it is also bulletproof definitely gives it an edge on many other blue-black inks on the market if you’re looking for staying power. I definitely recommend it!

Note: I apologize for putting the words “Air Corp” together in my review.


Noodler's Air Corp Blue-Black review


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  • Michelle Smith

    May 19, 2014 at 11:43 pm | Reply

    Sigh. It’s so beautiful. Even though Noodler’s bottles are huge I want to buy, like, five backups.

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