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Pelikan Edelstein TurmalinePelikan Edelstein Turmaline bottle

Starting in 2012, Pelikan began releasing a limited edition Edelstein series ink each year. Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline was the first “Ink of the Year” that came out, and it is a notably vibrant pinkish-purple. Like the rest of the Edelstein ink series, Turmaline comes in a¬†magnificently lovely glass bottle with a plastic cap. Many of the Edelstein inks have notably muted tones and aren’t particularly bright or eye-searing despite their lustrous names. However, Turmaline finds a nice balance between this softer palette and the eye-catching pop of a pinkish-purple ink. There were no flow issues and the ink went down on the page with moderate wetness. The color does have some flexibility stretching from a lighter pink shade to a deeper, rich purple. Being a bit of an ostentatious color, Turmaline might not be an ink that you’ll always have in your pens, but it is still a very nice color in a well-rounded package. Seeing as how it was limited to the year 2012, it is now very difficult to find, but if you find a bottle, you won’t be disappointed!


Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline review

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I was looking to purchase a few Pelikan Edelstein inks when I noticed that the stores in my area were selling a “Limited Edition” wood box gift set of the inks. Considering the price of the individual ink bottles, the added cost of the box itself was negligible so I decided to go for it and pick it up.



Upon further inquiry, the box itself is not actually an official product sold by Pelikan, but rather a limited edition packaged set sold by certain retailers in Asia. My local shop informed me that the box itself is manufactured in China before being shipped to select retailers for packaging the inks. Regardless of its origin, the construction of the box was surprisingly high quality. The box itself is sturdy and the foam inserts are stiff and protective. I feel confident that this box will be more than sufficient for storing and protecting my Edelstein inks.



The boxed set came with an (almost) complete collection of the Edelstein ink line.

The inks included are:

  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Jade
  • Aventurine
  • Mandarin
  • Ruby
  • Pelikan Brilliant Black 4001




I personally think that the packaging is very fitting for the renowned beauty of the Edelstein bottles. My only lament is that there is no slot for Tanzanite which was presumably released after the creation of this packaged set. However, it is still a lovely way to store my Edelstein inks and I am very happy to have it as a part of my collection!

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