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Pelikan Edelstein TurmalinePelikan Edelstein Turmaline bottle

Starting in 2012, Pelikan began releasing a limited edition Edelstein series ink each year. Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline was the first “Ink of the Year” that came out, and it is a notably vibrant pinkish-purple. Like the rest of the Edelstein ink series, Turmaline comes in a¬†magnificently lovely glass bottle with a plastic cap. Many of the Edelstein inks have notably muted tones and aren’t particularly bright or eye-searing despite their lustrous names. However, Turmaline finds a nice balance between this softer palette and the eye-catching pop of a pinkish-purple ink. There were no flow issues and the ink went down on the page with moderate wetness. The color does have some flexibility stretching from a lighter pink shade to a deeper, rich purple. Being a bit of an ostentatious color, Turmaline might not be an ink that you’ll always have in your pens, but it is still a very nice color in a well-rounded package. Seeing as how it was limited to the year 2012, it is now very difficult to find, but if you find a bottle, you won’t be disappointed!


Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline review

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