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Private Reserve Avacado

Private Reserve AvacadoPrivate Reserve Avacado bottle


Private Reserve Avacado is one of the first green inks that I saw come highly recommended by the fountain pen community. The ink is a rich, leafy green that feels really organic and alive. It reminds me of a bowl of fresh spinach, or perhaps the leaves of a shaded maple tree at the peak of summer. Of course the actual name of the ink does bring to mind the deep green, bumpy textured skin of the avocado, but unlike the fruit skin, this ink is incredibly smooth. The ink is not dry, but it’s not quite wet either. It goes down onto the paper with ease and I had no issues with skipping. Although the ink does not have any distinctive sheen, when pooled it does exhibit a bit of a gloss. Shading is good, depending on your nib, but overall it can stretch from a vibrant green to a deep green-black.

Unfortunately, this ink does not hold up to water very well and was completely obliterated by my water drop test. I was actually kind of surprised. Dry times are very good and in most cases it will be dry to the touch in 10 seconds. Overall, I love the color of this ink. It is much more unique than I had imagined from other reviews I have seen online, and truly deserving of its popularity. Highly recommended!

Special thanks to The Goulet Pen Company for sending me this bottle of Private Reserve Avacado! Although this ink was provided at no cost, this review contains my 100% honest and unfettered opinion.

Private Reserve Avacado


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