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J. Herbin Bouquet D’antan

J. Herbin Bouquet D'antanJ. Herbin Bouquet D'antan 10 oz bottle

J. Herbin’s Bouquet D’antan is a very soft, light pink color that has a bit of an antique nostalgia feel to it. The ink, in my opinion, is not dark or saturated enough for every day writing. It is very easy for writing to become illegible if you are using a pen that is a bit more fine. That being said, I was surprised at how saturated the color can get. The ink goes down on the page like water, but as it dries the color really starts to shine through. There is something about this pink color that feels distantly warm, like a cherished memory in the back of your mind. Parts of it have faded, and may not be entirely clear for those who were not there at its creation, but you remember it well.


Dry times are adequate, though when it smears you can barely tell anyway. This is definitely not a waterproof ink and it becomes barely visible when exposed to water. Writing with a flex nib and really laying down a lot of ink, you can get the color saturated enough to be quite legible. However, if you are looking for a pink ink for every day writing, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Still, if this ink is to be used for artistic purposes or in situations that calls for a lovely light pink color, Bouquet D’antan is an excellent choice.