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Nemosine Singularity

Nemosine is known for producing a few affordable fountain pens in a wide array of colors. The Nemosine Singularity is one of their more popular pen choices. The construction is in keeping with its price range, and while the pen itself feels really lightweight, the plastic feels solid enough to endure every day wear and tear. I chose to purchase the demonstrator version of this pen, and it looks great. There is a single visible seam running along the side of the body and pen cap, but it doesn’t take away from the overall look. The cap screws on easily enough and finds a snug fit so you can be sure it will not uncap itself. In keeping with the affordable nature of the pen, the packaging is kept simple. A small white box adorned with the name of the pen and the Nemosine logo comes filled with the pen itself, a converter, and 6 mini-cartridges.

Nemosine Singularity nib

I find that the pen has a very utilitarian feel to it. Due to the low-price of the pen, I feel very comfortable tossing it into a bag and taking it with me on trips. Although the pen is a bit too light for my liking, it is comfortable in the hand and easy to write with. The cap posts nice and deep so there is no risk of it coming loose and, while the added weight is nice, it does become a little back-heavy. The nib is moderately smooth, but one thing that prevents this from becoming a daily-carry for me is the flow. While the pen can put down a consistent line, I found that it is a fairly dry-writing pen. But many people consider purchasing this pen in order to convert it to an eyedropper. There is a distinct lack of holes in the pen body, so it is ideal for conversion. I would have thought that the screw threads were a bit too far apart, but I have read numerous success stories online, so it’s definitely worth a try. It may not be a must-have but, for the price, this is a great pen for someone looking for a simple, no-frills fountain pen to take to class or jot down notes at work (or convert into an eyedropper!)


Nib material: Steel

Cap: Screw

Filling mechanism: Cartridge/Converter

Overall Length: ~136 mm

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