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After much deliberation, I decided to purchase the TWSBI 580 Diamond with a 1.1mm stub nib. TWSBI is known for having good quality pens at affordable prices, and despite the numerous reports of quality control issues and breaking parts (of which I have had none), I am really enjoying this pen. The body is a crystal clear plastic with a sort of angled diamond pattern to the barrel. This gives it an almost prismatic effect which becomes virtually invisible when filled with ink. The piston filling mechanism works well, and the pen can hold almost 2 ml of ink, which is very rare at this price range. TWSBI sells different nibs for this pen separately and they are easily swapped out with their modular nib/feed system. TWSBI even sells special ink bottles that allow you to fill the pen without getting the nib covered in ink.

The 1.1mm stub nib can be a bit finicky about the angle at which it is held to the paper, but when you get the hang of it the nib is a very smooth writer and lays down a fat wet line. If you’d like to see additional writing samples, see any of my reviews posted before (and probably after) this post. I am very happy with this purchase, and I was actually a bit surprised at how nice the build quality of the pen felt. I can see why this pen is so often recommended to people looking to move away from the baseline entry-level pens. Recommended!

Nib material: Steel

Cap: Screw

Filling mechanism: Piston

Overall length: 142mm


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  • Wayne Williams

    April 8, 2014 at 12:17 am | Reply

    I love mine. About the right weight, length, and it writes very smoothly. I am using various inks on both a TWSBI notebook and a Rhodia webnotebook. I am so glad I bought this. I like it so much that I might buy the Vac 700 too.

  • potter2

    April 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm | Reply

    A firm favourite with me too, in regular use. I also have the TWSBI VAC700 and can’t resist just filling it up and emptying it, I’m a big kid at heart. By the way superb photography as well, thanks.

  • JRW

    June 24, 2014 at 7:40 am | Reply

    That’s some really nice photography Adam.

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